Track Rules

2015 Supplemental Rules for Practice and Competition Events.

All Star Karting operations are run according to the 2015 NKA Rulebook. (Available for review at any time in the office or for review/purchase at All NKA rules apply to racing as well as practice. Track rules listed below contain both NKA Rules and Supplemental Track Rules:

All persons entering the facility must sign the WAIVER OF LIABILITY FORM. Separate sheets will be available for participants, spectators, and minors. Those unwilling to sign the waiver must leave the premises.

No person shall enter the track area unless a member of the All Star Karting staff has granted permission. Any driver, spectator or minor driver’s supervising parent/guardian must be in good standing with the facility, event or series to be eligible to compete at any NKA Member facility, event or series.

It is the member’s responsibility to see that their guests have signed the WAIVER OF LIABILITY RELEASE FORM.

All persons under the age of 18 must have a PARENTAL CONSENT FORM executed or on file when entering the facility. Only a Parent or Legal Guardian, officially appointed by the court, can sign this form. A Parent or Legal Guardian can sign a Parental Consent form prior to attending any practice or event as long as it is on an original colored form and Notarized. You can obtain a Parental Consent form at the track.

Once an annual PARENTAL CONSENT FORM is on file, any responsible adult may sign for the minor on subsequent days. Releases signed at other tracks are not valid at Prairie City. Once the release is on file it is valid for a full calendar year. If there is not a signed Parental Consent form on file we cannot allow that minor onto the premises.

All minor drivers participating in the 2015 race season must have a copy of their birth certificate on file with All Star Karting. Kid Kart drivers ages 5-8 must have a birth certificate on file whether racing or practicing.

EQUIPMENT All karts using the facility, at any time, must conform to the current NKA sprint kart technical and safety specifications pertaining to their class. Full Width Rear Bumpers are mandatory on all karts. All rules for racing apply to practice karts as well. Vintage karts must meet Vintage kart specifications and are only allowed with prior approval. NO FUN KARTS WILL BE ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.

Drivers are required to wear a karting suit or jacket of leather or other abrasion resistant material and full-length pants to prevent or minimize abrasions. No sweat pants or jackets. Shoes, socks and gloves are mandatory. All drivers must wear an unaltered collar-type helmet/neck support designed for use in motorsports. Full faced helmets designed for competitive motorsports are mandatory and must be Snell SA and M 2005 or later specifications. Chest protectors meeting SFI Specifications are mandatory for all ages 12 and under. All participants must have an easily accessible fire extinguisher in good working order in their pit area that is readily available.

Junior Drivers are not allowed to drive karts they are not eligible to drive in competition. The only exception to this rule is a Junior Driver in their option year. They may test karts in an upper class while still competing in a Junior Category.

New drivers and rookies without three races of prior experience must display a highly visible “X” on the back of their helmet and rear number panel for all practice and race events.

Championship Points are assigned to All Star Members per NKA Rule Book Section 800.3. There will be one throw-away points race for the 2015 race season. Club race #1 which is the Gold Rush may not be used as a drop. No disqualification (DQ) race may be used as a throw-away race in calculating the Championship Points. Races on June 28th and Oct 18th will be double points. In order to be eligible for the Championship you will need to participate in at least 4 of the 6 races and there must be 3 in the class for those 4 races.

Green - Start of race, GO! Yellow - Caution, reduce speed and maintain your position. Red - Stop, race is halted. Stop safely. Blue - Move over for faster karts, make room. Yellow & Red - Restart, return to grid. Crossed Flags - Half-way point of race. Black - Leave track, go to pits. Black & Checkered - Race finish is under protest. Race Director to make official ruling. White Courtesy Flag - Last lap before end of race and checkered flag. Checkered - Race completed!!

Practice Days-Practice sessions will be monitored to control the number of karts on the track and variances in driver skill levels.

Practice sessions are not to be treated as race events. Wheel-to-wheel racing will not be allowed. Slower drivers are expected to move over and point to the side they intend a faster driver to pass.

The minimum age for driving a kid kart is five years old. The kid kart class, five to seven year olds, must practice on their own with no other class of karts allowed on the track. A copy of a birth certificate must be on file as proof of age.

Any oil and fuel may be used as long as it conforms to 2015 NKA rules and must be able to pass tech inspection. This applies only to PCKC sanctioned events.

  • Driving of karts in the cold pit and paddock areas is prohibited at all times.
  • Driving of karts is allowed only in the hot pit, track, and the exit to scale areas.
  • All motors must be turned off prior to entering the scale house. No driving onto the scales.
  • No scooters, mopeds, quads, or bicycles may be ridden in the paddock area. Any use of these vehicles in the paddock area will result in them being impounded by All Star personnel until the end of the event.
  • Pets are strongly discouraged at race events. Any pet brought to the races or practice must be kept on a leash and confined to the participant’s pit area and trailer.
  • Drip pans are required under all karts when being worked on in any area.
  • All participants must have an easily accessible fire extinguisher in good working order in their pit area that is readily available.
  • Any spillage of fuels or oil onto the ground or pavement will result in a $20 fine if observed by an All Star official.
  • All used tires must be taken home. No tires may be disposed of at the track.

PRACTICE & RACE FEES Track is available for practice daily at $35 per driver per day. Race day fees are $65 for the 1st class, $55 for the 2nd class and $10 per class for the transponder rental. Club members are eligible for reduced rates for open practice and race events, participation in point accumulation, annual awards and more! Track is closed Wednesdays.

Karts are available for rent on weekends only and by appointment. Ages 5 and up, height restrictions is 6’ 2” and weight 225 lbs. Please call for pricing details.