Chassis Parts


Bearing 608zz E.E.22mm I.D. 8mm H.7mm (For Spindle)
Bearing 6003zz E.d. 35mm I.D. 17mm H. 10mm (For Wheel)
Bearing 61900zz E.D.22mm I.D.10mm H.6mm (For Spindle)
Bearing 61905zz - For 25mm Shaft (For Wheel)
Bulk Bearing For 25mm Axle
Bulk Bearing For 40mm Axle
Bulk Bearing For 50mm Axle (E.D.80mm)
Bulk Bearing For 50mm Axle (E.D.90mm)


Brake Pads

5303.S Brake Pads
Top Kart Rear
5281.S Brake Pads
Top Kart Rear
5245.S Brake Pads - Intrepid/Italkart Evo3
5271.S Brake Pads - Intrepid/Italkart for Evo3 Rear


Kart Master™ Aluminum Conical Washers
Kart Master™ Aluminum Heel Stops

Hubs & Sprockets

219 Sprockets 7075-T6
Swift Aluminum Hard Anodized Sprocket 219 Pitch
#35 Aluminum Split Sprockets
Kart Master Parilla Leopard Sprockets
Swift- 428 Pitch Split Sprocket
Kart Master™ Sprocket Carriers
Rear Wheel Hub 50mm 3/58mm

Tie Rods

Kat Master Tie Rods

Steering Wheels and Steering Mounts

MyChron 4 Wheel
Kart-Master Steering Hubs

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