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The May 4th race this weekend has been canceled.

We would like to Thank Everyone for being so understanding about this and we will be making the June 29th race Double Points. It has really created some great responses and we look forward to kart counts like the old days.

A quick update if you are coming to the track for open practice this weekend. There will be road closures due to a Bicycle Race on Sunday on White Rock Rd; Prairie City Rd. off Hwy 50 to the track will be the only direction we will be allowed to enter the park. White Rock Rd. from Grantline and from Scott Rd. will be closed off from 8am - 4pm.

Linda Emmick Memorial Race

We are getting some fantastic responses for the up and coming Linda Emmick Memorial, the list of classes that have already committed to coming are 80 shifter, TaG Masters and the BIG one; Yamaha, yes the class is making a comeback for the race. A couple of surprise appearances by some past Prairie City Stars and Champions will be racing, it will be great to see some familiar faces coming back to the track. Both Paula and I are extremely excited about the event and are looking forward to a big race weekend.

We would like everyone to start collecting those photos from the past, we will have an area set aside for just this and can't wait to see some classic pictures. Please make sure your name and phone number is on the back of the photos so we can make sure everyone gets their pictures back. Hey if any of you happen to have some Vintage Trophies from the past lets bring a couple of those by for the event as well. Just a quick bit of trivia did you know that Prairie City use to be called "Rattle Snake Raceway".

Portions of all the race proceeds for this event at Prairie City Kart Track will go to the American Heart Association. Please help us reach the $250.00 goal by supporting the fundraising efforts with a donation today.

Still have a couple of good deals on used karts, a Trackmagic Cadet with Comer 80, Birel TaG, Emmick 80 Shifter, Energy 125 Shifter, Emmick TaG, a Brand New Clone and the list goes on. Come on by and take a look. All the karts are priced very practical and most of the owners are very motivated to get rid of their karts. There are a couple of trailers for sale as well, a 10ft and 12ft, call Bill for pricing (530) 713-1992.

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