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A Letter From Bill & Paula

As Club Race #2 has come to a close Paula and I struggled with some tough decisions and want to make sure that the future of Prairie City Kart Track stays strong and one of the premier kart tracks of Northern California. The turn out for this month's club race was a disappointment but those that did get a chance to race had a great time, the kids put on a great show with some real close finishes. We discussed the situation during the driver's meeting and have come up with a small change to our season.

We know for sure that our June 29th race will produce a huge turnout as this will be the Linda Emmick Memorial Race and we have received some fantastic responses from numerous groups. The Vintage Kart group has agreed to participate and for those that have not seen old school karting you need to come out and watch karts from the past. Jon Ban and his Shifter group will also be there and this should be worth 20 plus Shifter karts alone. The FRA four stroke crowd have also committed which means another 10 plus karts!!! With all this being said we have decided to cancel our May club race and make the June race "DOUBLE POINTS". With these changes, this will make the June race a very important event and will be the race not to miss.

So a couple of details; each club member has the chance to change the class standings drastically in one race, this should give a lot of incentive for those that are on the fence whether or not to race this season mainly due to the fact that they can make up two races for the price of one!! I would really like to see a strong turnout for the Yamaha class, even if it is only for one race let's put the challenge out there to see how many we can get together for one race. Let's make Linda proud, let's drag out those Emmick's and bring back the good old days.

I would like to personally Thank Barb Nickless as she let me race her Yamaha this Sunday. It has been over 10 years since I have raced a Yamaha and I'm going to say it was a BLAST!! I was able to slip into her kart without anyone knowing, also wearing her helmet. It was great to see her kart finish up front and no one figuring it out it was me until the end of the race. Thanks Barb!!!

Paula and I know this is a positive move for Prairie City Kart Track so let's make the June 29th race one to remember!

One additional thing, now that the days have gotten longer Paula has decided to stay later on Thursdays. Due to other commitments this is the only day during the week she has available. Thursdays hours will now be 10am - 6:30pm STARTING April 17th. This is on a trial basis, If we don't get a decent turn out we will cancel staying late. So bring your kids after school and get some practice in.

If anyone has any questions please give us a call. (916) 355-0116

Thanks again everyone for all of your support.

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