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NKA Release Regarding 2014 OHV200 Rules & GX200

September 5, 2013

Hi Everyone,

NKA our Sanctioning Body has released the possible rules (see below) for the 2014 Clone motors. Please review it and send them comments on your concerns. If you can please copy me on your comments so that I may keep track of them and make sure we are represented with NKA. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Bill or I.

Thank you and have a great day,
Paula McCallister

NKA: Honda GX200 "Local Option" for 2014
Sept. 4, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NKA Honda GX200 Local Option for 2014 Noblesville, IN- As the rules package for the 2014 TrakBOOK comes together, NKA has received a great deal of feedback regarding our August 16 announcement regarding the Honda GX200 in the OHV200 (aka "Clone") class (visit under TrakBOOK updates for more info). For the most part, the feedback was resoundingly positive! Everyone is excited a true "standard" will finally be established for what "OEM", "stock", or "spec" will be in the OHV200 classes.

Along with the positive comments, we also received some general concerns about how the Honda would be implemented and the effects that the implementation would have in a positive and negative way. Questions regarding cost, performance relative to the existing clone engines, and parts interchangeability were at the top of the list. This is exactly why we chose to release this information as early as we did so that we could get this type of feedback with plenty of time to adjust if necessary.

For 2014:
• NKA is still going to use the Honda GX200 as the "OEM" baseline for a number of rules that have been "gray" under existing class rules, which was the primary intent from the beginning.
• The Honda GX200 will not be officially part of the OHV200 class for the 2014 competition year. It will, however, be allowed as a "Local Option" into the OHV200 class "Local Option" means any local track, club, or series can allow the GX200 in their OHV200 class and NKA will provide the technical specs and support for this. Additionally, there will be an OHV200 rules set for a Honda GX200 only class -should a track or series want to run it.

Continue to visit to get our updates regarding 2013 technical updates, and rules development information for 2014.

About the NKA:
NKA is a 27-year old kart sanctioning body that provides an industry-leading pit-pass program, a full suite of technical regulations, and other programs to benefit kart tracks and touring series. NKA does not promote karting races directly; therefore, we do not accept compensation from karting suppliers to test, develop, or institute products. At NKA, we have one goal: "put more butts in kart seats." For more information on NKA's TrakPASS, TrakBOOK, or other services contact NKA at 317.774.7021 or

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